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Welcome to the School of Environmental Science and Engineering at SUSTech!

China’s well-documented environmental problems are major roadblocks to sustainable development. As its international influence increases, so does China’s obligation in international environmental stewardship. The ever increasing diversity and complexity of environmental challenges facing China today require a new generation of environmental scientists, engineers and managers who are interdisciplinary, innovative and global-thinking. In this context, the establishment of the School of Environmental Science and Engineering by SUSTech is an important strategic move toward its mission of building a world-class institution of higher education and research in Shenzhen, which has long been China’s epicenter of ingenuity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Shenzhen and the surrounding Pearl River Delta are some of the most dynamic economic zones in China, but at the same time, have their shares of serious eco-environmental deterioration. Currently, this region urgently needs a well-educated environmental workforce as well as cutting-edge and cost-effective environmental technologies. The SUSTech School of Environmental Science and Engineering can undoubtedly play a major role in both workforce development and technological advancement, contributing to effective management of the environment regionally and beyond.

Like SUSTech as a whole, our new school aspires to become one of the best in the world. Our lofty goals and great ambitions ensure tough challenges ahead. But personally I am confident of the direction we are going. By exploring fundamental research questions from the molecular to global scales and by solving major eco-environmental problems of great societal relevance, we will provide the best educational opportunities for future leaders of environmental science and engineering who can make a difference in Shenzhen, in Guangdong, in China and in the world.  

Thank you again for visiting us!


Chunmiao Zheng
Chair Professor and Founding Dean