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Access the internet from your laptop While traveling with a wireless Air card!
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Aircard rental in Europe, Latin America and Asia

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Aircard Rental - Wireless Internet Cards for Laptops


Are you and/or your employees away from the office routinely?
Do you need constant, consistent wireless network internet access to company and client information?
Do you need to show customers real-time information?"
Do you exhibit at trade shows and conferences?"
Do you or your wife need to shop online when traveling paying your bill online checks the stock market? don’t loose connection when you are in the mountain or in the sea Go wireless is here to please your family and make sure your business is done
Mobile users in markets such as public safety, sales force automation, insurance, government, healthcare, journalism, and field service are using the Sprint Wireless Internet Air Cards to achieve significant gains in job performance and efficiency. Go wireless and get the Air Card´┐Ż Advantage!
Access the internet from your laptop
While traveling with a wireless Air card!
  Internet access while on the Go
  Emergency Remote Access
  Coverage during Outage Situations
  Temporary Location Access; construction sites
  Event Rentals for Trade shows
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